Corfu is the second largest Ionian Island, it is covered in lush green, has beautiful clear waters, numerous towns, villages and historical sites. This island is truly beautiful in a way other Greek Islands are not. You will be stunned by the difference between the Islands in the Aegean and the Islands in the Ionian. It may only be the second largest after Kefalonia but somehow it feels bigger, probably owing to the fact that there are so many villages and places to visit.



Corfu combines the elements of natural beauty, long kept traditions along with the modern state of mind and a cosmopolitan atmosphere like no where else.Located in the Ionian, off the West Coast of Greece, this island is subjected to a rather mild climate. Hot in the summer but with a number of down pours (to cool things off) and rainy winters. Corfu enjoys the most amount of rainfall in Greece and therefore the islanders also enjoy a vast number of olive, lemon and orange groves, along with elegant Cypress Trees and a wonderful selection of wildflowers.



Its capital, Corfu Town, lies on the east coast and its location is land marked by twin fortresses but as you enter the Town you will find more traces of History. The Centuries of which the island was under Venetian, French and Byzantine Rule are evident, in the narrow alleyways of the Old Town, the fortresses, the churches and architecture of the buildings.You can find anything from the most luxurious modern resorts, pumping bars/cafes, international cuisine to untouched small traditional villages, traditional Greek food and rooms to let. Corfu is large and versatile enough to please everyone that visits it.


The beautiful Corfu