Agios Stefanos is situated in the North-West coast of Corfu. It is a pretty resort with a horseshoe shaped bay backed up with hills full of greenery.This unique  village successfully blends its summer visitors with local greek life, ensuring an atmosphere of relaxation and quiet conviviality. The water sports on the beach or the tavernas with freshly caught fish from the ocean, all add up to the charm of the village. San Stefanos is not only ideal for families that want to get away from it all, but also for younger people due to the buzzy nightlife.
Be sure to check out the sunsets from the harbour!



History of Agios Stefanos-The Stone ship:
There is no information about Agios Stefanos during the Classical or the Roman period. Later in the Byzantine Era or under the Venetian occupation, the church of Agios Stefanos was built and the area was named after it. At that time the local people came up with another story about the “Stone-ship”. When the pirates came to loot the church of Agios Stefanos, which was built on the island of Diaplos, Saint Stephane to whom the church is dedicated was infuriated and punished them by turning their ship to stone! Because of the fear of pirates the area of Agios Stefanos was not regularly inhabited. Only the inhabitants of the nearby inland village of Avliotes cultivated and sowed their fields here, while in the 20th century, until 1974, there was a pottery home manufacture with the traditional method which flourished thanks to the high quality clay of the area. Around the church of Agios Stefanos, feasts and festivals are organised every summer.


In Greece every little place has a great history. This quiet corner of Greece is a part of the greek history, which bears together the past the present, myth and reality!

Enjoy your staying!